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The command-line interface of XPipe is a fundamental part of the XPipe project. It allows you to easily access all XPipe features on all operating systems.


In case you used an installer to set up XPipe on your system, all environment variable related setup to access the CLI executable from the command-line should already be done. You can easily verify this by typing xpipe --help in a terminal.

In case the xpipe command cannot be found, or you are using a portable distribution, you can just add the executable manually to your path variable.

Getting Started

There are several ways to familiarize yourself with the command-line interface. For a full reference, you can consult:

  • The command xpipe --help for a general overview and xpipe help <subcommand> for detailed information about a certain subcommand.
  • Manpages, which you can access with man xpipe on Linux and macOS systems when they are installed using the installer distribution
  • The online CLI manpages, which can be found here