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License Activation

Once you purchase a license for XPipe from, the next step is usually activating it in the application. Essentially, it will activate the license by communicating with the API at and fetching license data.

Activation problems

There are several problems that can occur when trying to activate or validate a license:

  • The system that you are running XPipe on it might not have any internet connectivity
  • You might be using restrictive proxy settings that don't allow it to reach
  • You might be using a VPN that is blocked by spam and DDoS protections

Offline activation

If you are unable to activate your license online, you can also activate it manually offline. There are two options to do this:

  • Activate the license key in another XPipe installation that has connectivity and copy the file <User Home>/.xpipe/settings/license into the directory <User Home>/.xpipe/settings/ on your target machine and restart XPipe
  • Email us at so that we can send you an offline license file that you can use