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The XPipe Daemon

The XPipe daemon is the core component that handles all requests of the CLI and APIs. The CLI executable therefore needs to communicate with the daemon to pass the commands that it should execute. Any executed xpipe command starts the daemon if it is not running yet. In case the daemon needs to be started prior to executing a command, you will see something like this:

Starting XPipe daemon ...
[ - ] 1s

This one-time startup should only take a few seconds.

You can also control the daemon manually from the command-line. There are several commands to achieve this:

  • xpipe daemon status: Reports the current status of the daemon. This can be useful when the daemon is running in the background to check whether it is indeed running.

  • xpipe daemon start: Starts the daemon manually. Can be useful to check if everything works.

  • xpipe daemon stop: Stops the daemon manually. Can be useful to restart the daemon in case it was started from a headless environment.

  • xpipe daemon mode: Changes the daemon operation mode. Can be useful to manually let the daemon run in the background.

Note that for everyday work, these commands are not needed.